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First, we extend to you our greetings and a heartfelt “Mer-

ry Christmas and Happy New Year!” As this holiday season

unfolds and we perhaps travel to be with family and friends

please be safe and enjoy the warm feelings that especially

surround this time of year.

With this issue we mark the half-way point in the Grand Lodge

Year, and with it the half-way point in our publication sched-

ule. We (the PR Committee) are ramping up to post to the

Grand Lodge Website and will use some of the material sub-

mitted for that purpose.

We know that many Lodges have a special event every year,

such as the “Christmas Angels” distribution in Bremerton, the

Masonic Symphony, the various Loggers Degrees, the annu-

al Open Air Degrees, and the annual Unity March in DuPont.

All of these are grist for the mill and you should be sending

us information on your special events. Many of our Lodges

and Districts are looking for ideas on new events to try. Share

them here and we will see some very fruitful results from our

planting of seeds.

Masons are not known for being particularly reticent, and

here is a perfect platform to chat up your Brothers with your

tales of derring do and wild adventures. Plain old shop talk is

always welcome!

Our production schedule is fairly tight, so please do your best

to meet our published deadlines. Spring Issue – February 10,

and the Summer Issue – May 10. Late submissions will not be

accepted due to the production schedule

Masonic Tribune